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Contacting UKHHSoc / File Uploading

This page is provided as a way for people to be able to send in files that may be added to the UKHHSoc collection. We are continuing to eagerly seek and collect documents and scans of documents which represent source material on the history of UK audio. Ideally, we would prefer printed original documents as these are what future historians will regard as being the primary sources. But scans are also welcome.

We may already have a copy of the items you are willing to send to us. Many items are already available via our public AudioDocs pages. However we also have paper documents we have not yet scanned. And some items can't be put onto the public site for copyright or other reasons. So before sending in any items we'd be grateful if you could do some of the following to assess the situation:

If you haven't already done so, you can initially look and see if you can find the item already present in the AudioDocs collection. If it is present, then is your version of better quality (e.g. a more detailed and clearer scan)? If the item is copyright, it may be absent, but it is possible that we already have it.

Then you can contact us, describing the item and asking if we would like a copy, by whichever of the following methods you prefer:

How to contact UKHHSoc

How to upload files to UKHHSoc

If you are sending scans or photos, please send them as plain bitmap images - jpeg, or png preferred. Please note that files combined into an Adobe PDF or wordprocessor document can cause problems for us, and for future historians. So jpegs or pngs are preferable. If you can, we would also welcome scans that are done at 300dpi and which give the best possible indication of the appearance and details of the original! This is because future historians may wish to examine (or OCR) the text and images in detail.

If you have a set of files to send to us (e.g. jpeg or png scans of many individual pages) the simplest method is to put them into a ‘zip’ and send them bundled as a single large file.

Where copyright or some other factor does not prevent it, we would also hope to make copies of relevant material submitted available openly as part of the UKHHSoc AudioDocs collection. So when submitting material we wish to make clear that submission is taken to imply you accept we can make free and open use of the items unless you specify otherwise.

File upload form:

Note: Once you click below to upload your file and that process is completed, your browser will return to this page. This is in case you have more items to upload. When you have finished uploading you may wish to go to either our main index page or to our Audio Documents list.

Please also note that although the form gives a way to send a message, this does not always work! Some internet servers, etc, discard emails they suspect come from a 'non human'. Hence if you wish to be sure that we know you have submitted something, please also send an email to the address at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

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