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The UK Hi-Fi History Society

The UKHHSoc is a research/working group which has been formed with the aim of collecting, collating, and preserving information about the history of Hi-Fi in the United Kingdom. The end-aim is that the material and information will eventually be handed over to an established and accredited Museum or University archive. There it would be professionally curated and preserved. This would then form a basis for research by historians and to support future activities like exhibitions, articles, etc, for the general public as well as academics.

So far as possible, we wish to collect original printed documents - manuals, diagrams, leaflets, and any other items which provide information on the activity and achievements of those who developed and produced Hi-Fi equipment in the UK. We would also welcome contact from people who have worked in the field (or still do!) who can recollect details. Such printed material and witness evidence will be the “primary sources” for future historians. But we also seek copies of documents because scans of the original material will provide the informative content for items where we lack an original.

If you can provide information, please visit our upload and contact page. This provides a web form for sending us files. It also gives the details of ways to contact us.

UKHHSoc is currently focussed on the collection of material, and its collation. An interim aim is to make as much of the material as possible openly available via the web. This can then serve as a resource for anyone interested in the people and equipment they developed and sold over the decades.

The UKHHSoc’s public web collection is currently being built and made available. At present only a part of the collection is available, but anyone interested can access it via the main Audio Documents webpage.

The information on these pages will be extended and updated in due course.